We're Christopher Cook and Emmy Rose, an acoustic duo from Austin, Texas. We play original music rooted in folk and blues. 

Now streaming 24/7 on Electric Lady Bird.

"The music of Cook and Rose is like a majestic antique table. Intricately carved with scrolls and spirals, its dedicated craftsmanship carries stories both ancient and new. Timeless stories that dance right into your soul. And when they've finished playing, you're left at that table to feast on the memory. Trust me, you'll be feasting a long time." –Nicole Cortichiato, Art Spark Texas

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Big Orange Moon 

When I was a child, I went down to the creek,
Down where the black water stands,
Down where the frogs learn to speak,

And the big trees lower their hands...

Click image to play Big Orange Moon

Christopher Cook, guitar and vocals
Emmy Rose, vocals 

Sugar of Carquinez 

"Oh, tell me why the sweet life cannot be for me.."
Click the image to play.

Sugar of Carquinez is an unreleased song. It's just a rough mix - hasn't been mastered, so the sound quality may be less than ideal. 

Christopher Cook on guitar and vocals, Emmy Rose on harmonium and vocals, the incomparable Gracin Dorsey on cello, and Billy Barnett on second guitar.

Misery, Be Warned 

Misery, Be Warned... There's only so much can be borne.

Click image to play.

Christopher Cook - guitar and vocals
Emmy Rose - vocals. 
Ollin Chavez – violin 
Nathan Cook – trumpet

The Lonesome American 

Click the image to play The Lonesome American.  

Music and Lyrics by Christoper Cook. 

Christoper on guitar and vocals, Emmy Rose on harmonium.

Been Walkin' 

Click to listen to Been Walkin'
Click the picture to play... Been Walkin'

Christopher Cook - guitar
Emmy Rose - vocals
Fred Mandujano - percussion

Flight Risk 

Click the picture to play Flight Risk. 

Christopher Cook - guitar and vocals. 
Emmy Rose - harmonium and vocals.  
Marjorie Gonzales Chavez – guitarrón  
Fred Mandujano – percussion

Misery, Be Warned 

Click the image to play Misery, Be Warned, by Christopher Cook.

Christopher Cook - guitar and vocals
Emmy Rose - vocals
Ollin Chavez – violin 
Nathan Cook – trumpet