From the recording The Lonesome American

Christopher Cook on guitar and vocals.
Emmy Rose on harmonium.
℗©2017 Christopher Cook and Christopher Cook Music


The Lonesome American
by Christopher Cook

I’ve got an old black dog
Turns out he’s my best friend
His muzzle is gray
He always seems a little thin

He lived on his own for a long time
It wasn’t easy for him
But he gets up every morning
And says “OK, let’s start again.”
He’s a lonesome American

A man drove across the plains
With a wife with dead eyes
A car he had to push to start
And a suitcase full of lies

But everyplace just looked the same
Nowhere to start again
With a no good battered heart
Afraid to look within
He’s a lonesome American

The clouds in the sky kept me dreaming
The geese on the fly kept me believing

A farmer’s last wish
Was to be buried in his field
They said he was too romantic
For a world that was too real

His sister put him in the graveyard
In a crowded little plot
Once he wished that hard for rain
And one wish was all he got
He was a lonesome American

A girl walks into the night
Where there’s nothing she must be
Under darkened trees crickets play
the music of mystery

The family is good to her
They’re not haunted by any sin
But she’s made a deal with the angels
And never really will fit in
She’s a lonesome American

Clouds in the sky are unravelin’
Is this my land or am I just travelin’?
I’m a lonesome American
Just a lonesome American