Cook and Rose are a duo from Central Texas, playing original music rooted in folk and blues. Their songs of sadness, loss, and defiance reflect their Western roots and longing for redemption.

Christopher Cook and Emmy Rose met in Austin in 2013. Since then, they have released two albums and toured extensively through the Western United States.

In their music, Emmy’s direct, clear voice blends with Christopher’s ragged tenor to produce an unusual sound described as “diamonds and gravel.”

Cook and Rose released their second album, "The Lonesome American," in May 2017. They have returned to Texas after eight months touring New Mexico, Colorado, Idaho, California, Washington, and Oregon, including a performance at the Hermit Music Festival in Boise, Idaho.

“Listening to their music rewards me with the awareness of my humanity.”
– Cris Hardy, songwriter

Christopher Cook

Plays finger-style guitar, writes, and sings. He has worked for over thirty years as a songwriter and performer. Christopher has been called “a torch singer with the heart of a poet.” He says, “My songs are based on events I see around me. Some big heartbroken situation becomes part of everyone’s story. My goal is communicating our common experience.”

Emmy Rose

Sings and plays the harmonium, a type of pump organ originally used in Indian music. Her playing technique adds a European old-world resonance to their distinctive sound. Emmy says, ”Once when I was singing in Los Angeles, a homeless man gave me a dollar. I want to be worthy of that.”

The Lonesome American
Cook and Rose’s second album is a mixture of cornbread, tacos, and broken-down circus wagons,traveling back and forth through time, telling stories – some true and some that might as well be true.

Honey from Dried Grass
The title song of the duo’s first album was inspired by the dry hillsides in California’s Central Valley, where Christopher wondered how a person creates a life out of sparse or impossible situations.

Cook and Rose can play a full evening or afternoon or support other acts. Their music is appropriate for small halls and concert venues, and can turn a tavern or coffee house into a listening room. Find them online at and by email at