From the recording The Lonesome American

Christopher Cook on guitar and vocals. Emmy Rose on vocals.
Ollin Chavez – violin
Nathan Cook – trumpet

℗©2017 Christopher Cook and Christopher Cook Music


Misery Be Warned
by Christopher Cook

Oh, I bought whiskey
I bought whiskey for my friends
Now I can’t afford the trolley
I’m walkin’ home again

The streets are filled with rubble
From some forgotten war
They’d like to fight it all again
But we can’t take it anymore

Oh, misery be warned
There’s only so much can be borne

Oh, someone’s cookin’
In a house with a burned out roof
The horses wait for water
Paw the ground with charred hooves

A man comes in and tosses
The day’s take in the sink
He says “Hey what’s for dinner?”
“Beans and rice, what didja think?”

I’m gonna head up that old highway
Where I was a young renegade
I’ll do everything my way
My whereabouts I won’t explain

A long train used to come through here
But the track’s been torn up for years
We hear the ghost of the whistle
And we still prick up our ears

So what if I bought whiskey
And I gave it to my friends
I don’t care about the trolley
I can walk home again