From the recording The Lonesome American

Christopher Cook on guitar and vocals. Emmy Rose on vocals and harmonium.
Ollin Chavez – violin
Marjorie Gonzales Chavez – guitarrón
Fred Mandujano – percussion
Nathan Cook – trumpet

℗©2017 Christopher Cook and Christopher Cook Music and Emily Bristow


A Dream Up There
by Christopher Cook and Emily Bristow

I stole a horse and I rode out of town
With a sleeve full of aces
I left a lot of friends behind
Forgot their names, but I know their faces

A witness walked up on my porch
He said I had no place to hide
Like a bat out of Hell, I flew over those boards
And jumped off the other side

Once I was notorious
But I ran from the flame
Now I eat every night in a small cafe
That keeps changing its name

I was givin’ up and runnin’
Just wanted some time to live without care
I never saw you comin’
I thought that you
Were just a dream up there

I turned myself into the workhouse
To live a life for hire
Just like a Dust Bowl bird
Who builds a nest out of wire

At a carnival in Nacogdoches
Black clouds and thunder on the way
Lighting struck the Ferris wheel
We rolled all the way to Galveston Bay

I’m afraid of signs and wonders
They are never what they seem
I end up in a house full of ghosts
With cracked walls and sagging beams

One time in a Wild West show
A woman shot a coin out of the air
An old hand climbed down from the stands
And he married her right there

I took a swim in the big river
That water pulled me toward the falls
A man dove in to save me
As he went over the edge I heard him call ...