1. Sue Ellen

From the recording The Lonesome American

Emmy Rose vocals. Christopher Cook on guitar.
Ollin Chavez – violin
Marjorie Gonzales Chavez – guitarrón

℗©2017 Christopher Cook and Christopher Cook Music


Sue Ellen
by Christopher Cook

Sue Ellen, are the roses still sweet
That we passed on our way
As we walked to the bay
Down at the end of the windy street?

Sue Ellen, where are you now?
I heard you changed your name
I never did find my dreams
Like you claimed I would

Sue Ellen, I’m a baker in the night
In a window on the avenue
I stand and work as they hustle and bite
One time someone looked over at me the way you used to do

Sue Ellen, I have a picture of you
In my father’s yard sittin’ under a tree
Putting pieces of cloth to your thread
To wrap up the rosary you made for me

Sue Ellen, you walked into the temple
A vision all hellfire can’t destroy
You closed your eyes as they put a cross to my head
As if it were you who was anointed with oil

Sue Ellen, with your henna and your silver
With your cotton and your I Ching
In the straits of Carquinez, I can remember
You were swimming as if out to sea