1. Flight Risk

From the recording The Lonesome American

Christopher Cook on guitar and vocals. Emmy Rose on harmonium and vocals.
Marjorie Gonzales Chavez – guitarrón
Fred Mandujano – percussion

℗©2017 Christopher Cook and Christopher Cook Music and Emily Bristow


Flight Risk
by Christopher Cook and Emily Bristow

The wind is like a blister
Bangin’ at the gate
Later on this year it might die down
You’ll just have to wait

The angels are getting bored
Watching us in rented rooms
Well, down here we’re pretty tired
Of the dagger and the gloom

Another day has come around
And I can’t take my eyes off the edge of town
Can’t take my eyes off the edge of town

Outside on a rusty chain
The watch dog is corrupt
Don’t expect that hound to bay
When the ground opens up

The snakes are crawlin’ under the house
To sleep there in the cold
If I stay I’ll have to watch my mouth
Or so I’ve been told

Rabbits are runnin’ on the cracked ground
The flood has left its scar
I’ll steal away with my hat pulled down
When I see the evening star

The birds, they all head south
As soon as it gets cold
And me, I better watch my mouth
Or so I’ve been told