Hello, we're Cook and Rose, an acoustic duo from Central Texas. We play original music rooted in folk and blues.

Getting ready for our Texas tour 

We're off to Texas in a couple of weeks. Can't wait to play our home state.

Here's our tour so far:

* Lubbock. The Local Bar and Grill. March 21st
* Bee Cave. Woody's Tavern. March 24th
* San Marcos. Wake the Dead Coffee House. March 26th
* San Antonio. Fralo's Pizza.. March 28th
* Spring. Crescent Moon Wine Bar. March 30th

* Galveston. The Mod. April 8th
* San Antonio. The Cove. April 10th
* Houston. Supper Happy Fun Land. April 14th
* Dallas. Bill's Records. April 16th
* Amarillo. The 806. April 28th

* Lubbock. Bash Riprock's. May 2nd

For details, check our Calendar.

City of Clay  Podcast

We've been working on a new album, City of Clay. Here's the rough mix of our song called "Sugar of Carquinez," recorded at Gung Ho studio.. 

Christopher on guitar and vocals, Emmy on harmonium and vocals, the incomparable Gracin Dorsey on cello, and Billy Barnett on second guitar.

Update! As we head into the studio in early April, we've changed the title of our album to "The Lonesome American."
  1. Sugar of Carquinez

Back in Taos 

6,179 miles - 6 states - 12 shows - and finally back home.

√   Boulder, CO: The Laughing Goat
√   Lyons, CO: Oskar Blues
√   Salt Lake City, UT: Ditta Caffe
√   Boise, ID: Sockeye Grill and Brewery
√   Ogden, UT: Lighthouse Lounge/Ogden Unplugged
√   KRBX Radio Boise
√   Boise, ID: The District Coffee House (to benefit orphanages in India)
√   Eugene, OR: Recording at Gung Ho Studio
√   Eugene, OR. Cowfish
√   Salem, OR: Broadway Coffeehouse
√   Santa Cruz, CA: Streetlight Records
√   San Francisco, CA: Revolution Cafe
√   San Luis Obispo, CA. Linnaea's Cafe

Our favorite places were Boise, Idaho, Pizmo Beach, California, and oddly, Los Angeles.

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