The Wild Cathedral Bells

"You could blame it on the freeze 
And the wild cathedral bells 
Across the valley when they sing"

Click the photo to play Wild Cathedral Bells

Christopher Cook on guitar and vocals. Emmy Rose on harmonium and…

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You Can Hear Me There

I sing into a cloud 
I throw my voice with great care 
And I try not to be too loud 
‘Cause I know you can hear me there

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The Black Hummingbird

"I’ve seen the oldest tree in the world 
Somehow it never fell 
It was shown to me by the crows 
And I promised not to tell"

Click the image to play "The Black Hummingbird"

Christopher Cook guitar, Emmy…

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Bone Dry

I used to swim in a creek 
Throw a bucket down a well 
Now all I have is a small canteen 
For this trip through hell

Click the image to play "Bone Dry."

Christopher Cook guitar and…

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Sue Ellen

..a vision all hellfire can't destroy... 

Click the picture to listen. 

Emmy Rose - vocals, Christopher Cook - guitar, Ollin Chavez – violin, and Marjorie Gonzales Chavez – guitarrón

Honey from Dried Grass

"The bees search the hillsides 
For the sweetest drops of dew 
They find them in the footprints 
Left there by you"

Christopher on guitar and vocals,
Emmy Rose on vocals,
Gracin Dorsey on cello,
Davie Peck on harmonium 

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A Dream Up There

I was givin’ up and runnin’ 
Just wanted some time to live without care 
I never saw you comin’ 
I thought that you 
Were just a dream up there

Christopher Cook – guitar and vocals 
Emmy Rose – vocals…

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Oh, Ma’amoiselle 

Oh, Ma’amoiselle 
I read about women like you in books 
What you want with me 
And my dusty panhandle look ... 

Christopher Cook on guitar and vocals 

(Click the image to play Ma'amoiselle)

Big Orange Moon

When I was a child, I went down to the creek, 
Down where the black water stands, 
Down where the frogs learn to speak, 
And the big trees lower their hands... 

Click the image to play Big Orange Moon 

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Sugar of Carquinez

Tell me how the sweet life cannot be for me. 


Click the picture to play.
Sugar of Carquinez is an unreleased song. It's a rough mix - hasn't been mastered, so the sound quality may be affected a…

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The Life Sublime

I walked through the city of clay 
A place where I’m not very tall 
But you can buy a golden day 
In any market stall

<- Click the picture to play "The Life Sublime"
     by Christopher Cook.


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The Lonesome American

Clouds in the sky are unravelin’ 
Is this my land or am I just travelin’?

Christopher Cook on guitar and vocals
Emmy Rose on harmonium

Click the picture to listen to The Lonesome American