Oh, Ma’amoiselle 

Oh, Ma’amoiselle 
I read about women like you in books 
What you want with me 
And my dusty panhandle look ... 

Christopher Cook on guitar and vocals 

(Click the image to play Ma'amoiselle)

Big Orange Moon

When I was a child, I went down to the creek, 
Down where the black water stands, 
Down where the frogs learn to speak, 
And the big trees lower their hands... 

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Sugar of Carquinez

Tell me how the sweet life cannot be for me. 


Click the picture to play.
Sugar of Carquinez is an unreleased song. It's a rough mix - hasn't been mastered, so the sound quality may be affected a…

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The Life Sublime

I walked through the city of clay 
A place where I’m not very tall 
But you can buy a golden day 
In any market stall

<- Click the picture to play "The Life Sublime"
     by Christopher Cook.


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The Lonesome American

Clouds in the sky are unravelin’ 
Is this my land or am I just travelin’?

Christopher Cook on guitar and vocals
Emmy Rose on harmonium

Click the picture to listen to The Lonesome American

Been Walkin'

"But I want to see 
Can you put it into my eyes? 
How you can believe when it’s dark 
Maybe I’m just not the kind"

    Click the picture to play... Been Walkin' 

    Christopher Cook - guitar 

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Flight Risk

"The angels are getting bored, watching us in rented rooms,
  but down here we're pretty tired of the dagger and the gloom."

Click the image to play Flight Risk

Christopher Cook on guitar and vocals
Emmy Rose on harmonium…

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Misery, Be Warned

Click the image to play Misery, Be Warned, by Christopher Cook. 

Christopher Cook - guitar and vocals 
Emmy Rose - vocals 
Ollin Chavez – violin  
Nathan Cook – trumpet

Chimney Swifts

Click the picture to hear Chimney Swifts by Christopher Cook


Afraid of the Crowd

"Why don’t you leave those boots down there in the sand 
They don’t really fit you, so begin again 
And call me on your way if you need a hand 
Because Colorado will always take you in"


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Lost in a House

It’s a rich and beautiful world 
So much to see when you travel about 
But when you’re a lonely girl 
You can get lost in a house"

Click the picture to play "Lost in a House"


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