Chimney Swifts

Click the picture to hear Chimney Swifts by Christopher Cook


Afraid of the Crowd

"Why don’t you leave those boots down there in the sand 
They don’t really fit you, so begin again 
And call me on your way if you need a hand 
Because Colorado will always take you in"


Lost in a House

It’s a rich and beautiful world 
So much to see when you travel about 
But when you’re a lonely girl 
You can get lost in a house"

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The Firefly and the Cigarette

"Up north they take great joy 
In pilin’ up all that snow 
While lizards crawl across the wall 
Down in Mexico"

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Christopher Cook - guitar and…

Wild Cathedral Bells

You could blame it on the freeze 
And the wild cathedral bells 
Across the valley when they sing

Christopher Cook - guitar and vocals
Emmy Rose - harmonium and vocals. 
Ollin Chavez – violin 
Marjorie Gonzales Chavez –…

You Can Here Me There

I was born at sea; I'm not really from anywhere...

Click image to play "You Can Hear Me There"
Christopher Cook - guitar and vocals
Emmy Rose - vocals

Bone Dry

... I used to swim in a creek 
   Throw a bucket down a well 
   Now all I have is a small canteen 
   For this trip through hell

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Christopher Cook, guitar and

The Black Hummingbird

We must go to South America, the flowers are dropping from the vine...

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Christopher Cook, guitar
Emmy Rose, vocals
Davie Peck, harmonium

Honey from Dried Grass

...The bees search the hillsides 
for the sweetest drops of dew; 
they find them in the footprints 
left there by you.

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Christopher Cook, guitar and vocals
Emmy Rose, vocals…

Sue Ellen

...a vision all hellfire can't destroy...

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Emmy Rose - vocals, Christopher Cook - guitar, Ollin Chavez – violin, and Marjorie Gonzales Chavez – guitarrón


A Dream Up There

At a carnival in Nacogdoches 
Black clouds and thunder on the way 
Lighting struck the Ferris wheel 
We rolled all the way to Galveston Bay

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Christopher Cook – guitar and vocals…



Oh, Ma’amoiselle  
I read about women like you in books  
Oh, Ma’amoiselle  
I read about women like you in books  
What you want with me  
And my dusty panhandle look ...

Christopher Cook on guitar and vocals…